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UP Board, CBSC, ICSE and NIOS home tuition available Girls/Boys.

Is your child constantly making excuses to skip school, or is he pretending to be sick to avoid classes? If this is the case, then you need to understand the problem. Maybe your child is facing bad grades or is feeling left behind in the class. In such a situation, you can get a home tutor from teachwell.in to help your child with studies and get him back on track again.

Is it familiar that your child asks you questions about homework and you have no idea what to say?

With the change in teaching methods, concepts, and school syllabus, it is becoming difficult for parents to help their children with homework. In this situation, you can reach out for help, find a home tutor from teachwell.in your area who can work with your child one-to-one to succeed.

If you can recognise any of these signs in your child, then it is the right time to find a private home tutor. Private tutoring helps in improving the overall academic performance of students.

By sharing information about what you have encountered, the student may feel relieved that he is not alone. Sharing experiences and lessons learned goes a long way toward building trust and support. It also helps the student build self-confidence.

You were chosen for qualities that enable you to be a good tutor and role model.

Confidence, on the other hand, entails having the courage to admit you don't know the answer. Be honest with your student; tell her you'll need to do your homework. and then follow through. She may actually feel better knowing you're not perfect (and it is a great opportunity to teach learning skills).

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