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Class 5 is the last level of primary education where students are under 10–11 years of age at this stage. There are various education board systems in India that practise learning activities through schools. CBSE, ICSE, NIOS, and IB are the boards of systems followed in India. The states of India are following a unique board of education with respect to the schedules of education and plans of education framed by the Directorate of Education. In this article, we are dealing with the learning aspects of subjects taught in class 5, study materials, and finally, the board of education and its influence on education.

Learning aspects:

Every state in India has created its own learning aspects for the fellowship based on the state's living style, financial status of families, and learning ability of children.The state board's syllabus for class 5 is as easy as the student can pursue the subjects without much strain. Mathematics, EVS, English, and regional second languages are the main streams students have to focus on. The governments of India's states respond to people's needs and expectations by providing the highest educational grade.

Apart from the State Board of Education, the CBSE is the vast and majority education system followed in schools throughout the country. The system follows a similar subject pattern with minor changes as it has a lot of study material and tedious learning aspects. Many competitive exams are conducted for students to focus on their studies. Many more exams are held on the CBSE system's school campuses.

These competitive exams train students to excel in their learning subjects and gain national and international focus. Just like the CBSE system, other boards like ICSE, NIOC, and IB are scrutinising children for the excellence of education. Among other systems of education, the IB is entirely different and aims at an international focus.

student’s ability:

In all boards of education systems, the ultimate goal is to educate children by screwing them subject-wise. Brilliant students achieve the learning aspects of the education system. But the billion dollar question is about average and below-average students. Average and dull students need more attention and special care to make them study.

Teachers are bound to bring up the dull students who sound good in all subjects. Despite this, such students are under-satisfied.They need special attention to get through all the subjects; in particular, the weaker subjects need to be focused well to achieve excellence.

Conclusion: It is not winding up here talking about the education system in India and students’ learning aspects and abilities. However, class 5 is the crucial level where children need more attention to the cross. Despite the boards of education doing their best, it is in the students' interests to learn the subjects and prepare for their future.

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