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Covering all boards include UP Board, CBSC, ICSE, NIOS.

Class 3 is a crucial point in primary education and is the intermediary phase of primary education (classes 1–5). At this stage, kids start learning new concepts and theories in schools. Apart from the main subjects, they learn about allied subjects such as English, second language, mathematics, science, and social science.The allied subjects include environmental studies, life-oriented education, and other education.

Various boards of education teach subjects to infuse concepts into the minds of kids. For example, CBSE schools are proclaimed about allied subjects’ accuracy along with main subjects. The schools following the CBSE board of education are preparing students to appear in many competitive exams and drag their lives towards development. Brain development, reasoning skills development, and quantitative aptitude uplift are the ultimate goals of the CBSE board of education.

Teachers focus on building the writing and speaking skills of kids. Also, kids can develop content in their language without making mistakes. Working exercises are given in Grammar to build the vocabulary of the child. Mini seminars are conducted to train kids to get rid of stage fright. The habit of vocabulary development helps kids speak, write, learn and read English fluently.

Mathematics is taught differently. Teachers prepare worksheets to work out the basic arithmetic operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division). This makes learning a joyous experience and an easy task to accomplish. Kids do not fear solving simple or vague problems. Rather, kids enjoy solving problems and arithmetic operations. Worksheets, simple activities, and encouraging children to learn easily do not vanish from the memory seat.

Science is a more interesting subject that children insist on learning at this stage. Kids show great interest in learning simple science hidden behind daily activities. Cross-words, jumbled words, missing letters, puzzles, and word scrambles are utilised to educate children studying class 3. At school, teachers perform small, interesting activities. Sometimes it is performed by students under the teacher’s guidance. All this is done to insist on learning habits and educate students towards the subject matter.

Simple, enjoyable activities and workouts are used to teach children.All the boards of education, like CBSE, NIOC, and IB, concentrate on educating children through an easy mode of learning activities.

Besides, general knowledge awakens the memory skills of children and turns them into all-rounders in subjects. Depending on the board of education, the difficulty of education varies. Whatsoever, learning aspects and skills are developed in kids

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