Trained & Verified Tutors

You can be sure the tutor is verified with KYC details and that we have checked their academic records for a match with your kid’s class/board/subject requirement.

Safe & Reliable

We ensure tutors who would be punctual and ones whom you can trust to leave your kid with.

Hassle Free Booking

Just one click session booking and you will get the tutor for a demo class at your home.

Tutor Management & Salary Record

The holidays are monitored online and salary paid is available in your dashboard at one click.

Quality Assurance

We will make sure that the student is making continuous progress in academics by taking tests periodically and assure to address any matter hampering his/her performance.

No Cost Replacement

If genuine reasons are given and you need another tutor for your ward, we will be happy to replace the tutor as per mutually decided timeline.

Join our Student Community

Be assured of fruitful results through monitored tutoring
Concentrate on academics and leave everything else to us
Regular report card of students maintained to further help them to choose appropriate career paths
Use of technology to assess strengths and weakness of an individual

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Be a Tutor with us

We provide leads as per best match of location/ classes/ board/ subject, hence you are comfortable to give your best
We award the best performer on monthly basis with prizes in cash/ kind
We will give the best performer of the year a travel package for one
We will ensure hassle free payment every month directly into the account of the tutor
We charge no fee from you at all, except that you have to be ready to take a demo class free of cost.

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Becoming a part of teachwell family

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