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Class II is the next level of elementary education. Students shift to new learning methods by increasing the burden of studying. Subjects are a little more elaborate than in class I. They have to learn those subjects and understand the concepts without fail. The reasoning skills of children are kindled when subject-oriented projects are assigned to them as a weekend activity.

Elementary English, mathematics, and science are getting tedious as the class level rises. Compared with mathematics, the basic arithmetic operations are taught even harder. Simple addition and subtraction are worked out as storytelling problems. It is now the student’s role to understand the storey and grasp the idea of solving the problems.

Just like mathematics, English is reaching the next genre. Children are taught memory poems, grammar, and related exercises, and they are asked to fill in the left-out blanks. Memory poems are memorised in their entirety, and students write them in the examination.The poem is written without a simple exclamation mark.

The science includes teaching the surrounding environment and the simple science hidden behind every action. Children start learning simple science and are taught how to apply it in their daily activities. Teachers are bound to teach children all about science without boring them with its concepts. It is a big challenge for teachers to educate children before they are out of focus and lack concentration.

Now, let’s explore the role of teachers. They are tired of teaching kids at the elementary level. It is the teacher's responsibility to educate them properly and clarify their doubts regarding subjects. Unfortunately, teachers are not able to fulfil the role of educating all the children in a class. The school environment is not ideal for concentrating on all children.

Weak and below-average students need more concentration, which is lacking in schools. Teachwell, on the other hand, does the job best by focusing each student online.Classes are at your fingertips, and students can easily access our application and hire a mentor to clarify their doubts. It is up to the children’s choice or their parents' choice to pick their favourite tutor.

We recommend the best mentor to educate our students. We encourage our students to come forward with their questions about subject concepts. Our teachers help you overcome your hesitation and speak out. If so, you are sound enough to raise your question and get it clarified because our motto is to thoroughly educate children.

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