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For UP Board, CBSC Board, ICSE Board, NIOS Board

Class 4 is the penultimate level of primary education. The development of children's imaginative abilities and critical thinking skills begins here.At school, teachers are inducing the thinking ability of a child to understand concepts of the subject. Though teachers try their best at school, children do not attain fulfilment in learning the concepts thoroughly. To attain completeness, a new focused teaching method is insisted upon and various boards of education starve to attain the fulfillment.

It is necessary to know the subjects a fourth-grade child learns. English, regional second language, mathematics, science, and social studies are the main subjects that children study in class 4.Apart from those subjects, some allied subjects like EVS, LOE, Moral Instructions, General Knowledge, and Basic Knowledge of Computer Science are taught at this level. Now it is up to the student’s mark to learn the concepts and understand how to attend the examination. Only then are they promoted to further classes.

At school, teachers do not get enough time to strengthen children's concepts. The teachers require more time to educate the students on various topics.So, special classes and coaching classes are conducted by schools to teach children additionally. So, average and below-average students gain subject knowledge and pass the levels easily. Those students who require subject knowledge should knock on Teachwell's door, and we owe you expertise in all subject matters.

Students have varying powers of learning ability and show an interest in different subjects. One student learns English well and the other understands mathematics easily. Science is an elective for a student, whereas computer science is well known for other students. Teachwell feeds the knowledge of a subject owing to the weakness of a student in a particular subject. We mentor students thoroughly in all subjects based on their needs and doubts.

Our tutors are kind enough to focus on all the students individually to educate them theoretically. We repeat the teaching session until the last student understands the concept of the subject. Our mentors teach students based on the board of education they are studying. We hire tutors eligible to teach CBSE, NIOC, IB, and state board education as well.

At Teachwell, grammar in English and arithmetic operations in mathematics are taught well. Children who are taught well in these aspects can secure more marks to move up a further level in schools. Your child must spend just an hour or two learning the basic concepts of all subjects. Schools are trying to teach children, but they cannot focus on weaker students in depth. Teachwell concentrates more on average and below-average students and trains them in subject matters.

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